Here at the end of the year 💌

Howdy, all!

Right now I'm on a well deserved break after a year of Doll Hell and monthly product rollouts (check out my flagship Etsy Flighty Dolls to send me back to hell!), but I just wanted to share something I think is pretty cool. 

Earlier this year, when a certain Japanese wrestling company threatened legal action against me, I figured it was time to do what I'd been conaidering for awhile and transition away from Etsy, but not without trepedation. Etsy is a widely-visited superstore with a very robust search feature (other business practices of their's leave much to be desired, but I digress...); Its a great place to discover and be discovered, and I feared that I would loose casual business by leaving.

But it was time for a change, so I grinded on perfecting my new storefront for weeks before finally opening. At first I wasn't sure if I would ever have the kind of business I used to, but with some subtle changes in strategy, and through the support of all my great friends and customers, I'm pleased to report that my fall/winter sales were slightly better than last year! That can be attributed to a few things, like more frequent product rollouts, and fewer customers buying more products at once, but to me thats just further proof that I have great support and made the right decision.

All in all, next year I wanna keep improving the shop further, upping my game any way that I can, but most importantly, making the kind of merch that stands out from the rest. Thanks so much for making my 2020 special! More fun and cuteness to you in 2021! 

 Flighty 💌

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